BOTAS loyalty program

We appreciate the fact you are our regular customers. We have prepared for you rewards in the form of discounts applied to our e-shop as a thank you for your loyalty.

Amount of the discount depends on purchased value, see table bellow:

Limit (€) Discount
Turnover of over 0.00 0%
Turnover of over 120.00 2%
Turnover of over 160.00 3%
Turnover of over 240.00 4%
Turnover of over 360.00 5%
Turnover of over 480.00 6%
Turnover of over 640.00 7%
Turnover of over 800.00 8%
Turnover of over 1 000.00 9%
Turnover of over 1 200.00 10%

Discount is applied automatically the day after the goods are shipped from our warehouse and achieve appropriate value of the purchase.

The value of the goods purchased are continually increased by just purchased goods.

The maximum discount is 10 % from the order value.

Information about the actual amount of the discount can be found in your personal profile after login:

Membership in the loyalty program is available to all individuals registered in the BOTAS e-shop.

Loyalty program including discounts provided valid from 1.1.2015 until further notice.